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What is Commercial Pool Service? | Overview |

Summer vacation wouldn't be the same without cooling off in a refreshing swimming pool. However, a quality commercial pool service company is needed to keep that body of water sparkly clean. So what is commercial pool service? Commercial pool service is the maintenance of Hotels, Resorts, Apartments, and HOA (Condos) swimming pools. These aren't your typical, used once a week kind of pools. With sometimes hundreds of people using these pools in a single week, special care is needed to maintain proper water chemistry and circulation.

A pool like this would require a quality commercial pool service company for proper cleaning and care
Commercial Swimming Pool [Hotel]

Apart from higher usage, the most obvious difference is the size; commercial pools are often much larger than their residential counterparts. This requires more chemicals to maintain proper water chemistry and longer equipment run-times. This all adds up to more frequent cleanings (sometimes daily) and a higher health department standard to be met. In Orange County, California, we're required to maintain a record of service log sheets.

Waterlink SpinTouch used by Pool Service Pros out of Orange County, California
Waterlink SpinTouch

A commercial pool service will also often utilize the industry's best equipment and testing methods. Many use digital labs like the WaterLink® Spin Touch® and high quality tools like the carbon fiber poles from Primate Pool Tools. This is necessary as testing needs to be as accurate as possible given health department inspections and tools as durable as possible given the required daily cleanings. It's also not a bad idea to have hotel staff equipped with higher than average equipment as it's a team effort!

Emergency situations are also a factor with commercial pools, these are typically limited to sanitary problems such as fecal contamination, requiring proper sanitation before the pool's reopening. These problems may require emergency calls after normal business hours. Proper signage is also required for all commercial pools, here in California we often utilize the 8-way sign--encompassing multiple required signs in one neat, easy to read, setup.

This chlorine feeder give a swimming pool a consistent supply of chlorine to maintain proper water chemistry and sanitation.
Chlorine Feeder | Rola-Chem

Proper sanitation levels are likely met via automatic chlorine feeders. Here at Pool Service Pros, we install Rola-Chem. These feeders slowly supply chlorine and acid throughout the day and sometimes use sensors which tell the system when levels are low and supply is needed. County health departments have required ranges for chlorine and PH, these chemical feeders play a critical role in maintaining appropriate levels. CYA (or Conditioner) likely effects these ranges.

To sum things up, commercial pool service is not your average 'board shorts and flip-flops' kind of service. There's a lot at stake when it comes to maintaining a public body of water, people's health depend on proper care and upkeep. So whether you need a hotel pool service or a condo pool service, do yourself a favor and choose a professional commercial pool service company. If you're in the Orange County, California area; give Pool Service Pros a call or email, we'd be happy to help! Otherwise check out your local business listings and ask about the content we've covered.

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